RACS, LLC (Risk Averse Capital Stewardship, LLC) is incubated and established in the fall of 2011 in Moscow by the New York formed Vernadun LLC in order to bring to market industry’s leading automated decision making & special cloud deployed SaaS/PaaS with multiple broker, multiple asset class, multiple trading venue Direct Market Access (DMA) platform for global low-to-high frequency integrated OTC-exchange trading and portfolio management and for multiple trading regimes.

In the interest of optimization of the entire trading business lifecycle, the improvement and automation of decision making processes and to reduce the overall operational costs of trading lifecycle RACS drives at a high degree standardization and commoditization along with the improvement of productivity and efficiency of applications while providing a deeper metricized insight in the areas where the traditional market participants have usually perceived it to be doable – but more importantly in the areas where most of them have thought to be too customized and too complex for commoditiztion.

To accomplish the above task RACS aims at offering software and platform deliverable as service and focused at the derivatives and extendable to the rest of global financial markets:

  • Automated decision-making, fast execution, consolidated, consistent view and enhanced monetization and management of financial risks;
  • Global,  integrated across markets, asset classes and operational sectors low-touch cloud deployed one-stop-window platform accessible through internet.

RACS offering is based on an over ten years R&D work of its founder and among other things represents a unique metrification induced value added data service with advanced and descriptive risk and risk-aversion analytics and with forward looking vs. historic measurements and systematic formalization of the dynamics of portfolios being formed in the aftermath of trade orders submission.

RACS platform also represent cloud deployed formalization, systematization and optimization with rapid algorithmic strategy design, deployment and execution environment based on game-theoretical, mixed quantitative-behavioral meta-algorithmisation and automation.

RACS business model is twofold:

  • Pay as you use: revenue generation from a special cloud deployed data confidentiality, security and disaster recovery guaranteeing SaaS/PaaS for trading & portfolio management, offering also simulated trading, training, education and verifiable trading track record development environment;
  • Revenue sharing: revenue extraction from co-management arrangement with asset management companies, funds of funds, hedge & other funds, brokerage and proprietary trading houses, etc.

RACS clientele consists of hedge funds, CTAs, brokerage and proprietary trading houses, corporate and investment banks, funds of funds, managed accounts, asset management companies, pension and savings funds, sovereign wealth funds, etc.

RACS also strives at developing its network in accordance to the following diagram: