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Martin Jermakyan
Founder and CEO

Martin Jermakyan is in charge of the overall management of RACS – including R&D. He comes into RACS with a PhD in mathematics and physics from the mechanics & mathematics department of Moscow State University and 5+ years of academic experience on the faculty of University of California (Los Angeles) Mathematics Department’s Applied Mathematical Division, University of Michigan’s (Ann Arbor) Mathematics Department and the Finance Department of its Business School, and finally the Banking Institute of the Higher School of Economics (Moscow).

Additionally Martin brings 18+ years of FinTec experience from the corresponding advanced quarters of the US financial services industry. His expertise includes applied mathematics, computational methods and analytic programming; mathematical modeling and financial engineering; financial and commodity/energy markets’ big-data and complex event modeling and processing; automated decision making; investment banking, etc.

Martin's recent years’ unique Intellectual Property manifesting work involves research in and development of real-time, large-scale, interactive Artificial Intelligence applications that aims at the implementation of a hybrid cloud deployed commoditized situational awareness and decision-making platform. This platform can be utilized both in civilian and military continuous-time and continuous-state complex and contested environments shaped by the systems' multiple agents' interactive conduct. The autonomous management of fleets of unmanned air, ground, maritime surface and subsurface automated vehicles is among the envisioned applications.

Martin’s non-academic senior level or entrepreneurial employment includes RACS, LLC (Moscow), Vernadun LLC and Bank of America (NY), Altra Energy Technologies (Atlanta), ElectraPartners.com (Chicago).

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